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Katy Gratzke  HUD and Multiple Listing Service Coordinator

(800) 433-4003

Katy is the HUD and Multiple Listing Service Coordinator. She joined the company in 1993 as a communications coordinator and was promoted to back office manager. In this role, she is responsible for all production data entry and reports for the company and agents.

A native of Fort Worth, Katy and her husband live in Euless with their son. Katy is a valued member of our team.

Katy is always ready to help agents with the details and paperwork of the real estate transaction. Her responsibilities include entering all listings, sales, property information changes, computing CDA (Cash Disbursement Authorization) and maintaining up-to-date file systems for all agent and company transactions. Her extraordinary service to the agents and the company make all our jobs much easier and move productive. The back office technology enables Katy to perform many tasks for the agents and company.

Back Office Listing Manager

The listing manager automatically merges important information to the front office (receptionist), the customer service department, and the back office production department eliminating the need for multiple software packages. This technology helps Katy by centralizing the company listings making it possible not only to track and report listing inventory information; but also provides quality service for each listing. The technology tracks the status of a listing from active all the way to closing of the listing and makes it possible for other users to expose the entire listing inventory to a broader number of potential buyers.

By providing this new technology the company can provide better and quicker service to the agent, the client, and the customer while building a bridge for the entire office to become more productive and more profitable.

Sales Contract

Katy processes all sales contracts into the back office production system. Each sale is broken down as to the commission division between company and agents. The technology automatically figures the division of the commission for each agent and prints a Cash Disbursement Authorization. This form is either emailed or faxed to the title company for the property closing. The agent then received their check upon closing the property at the title company. The front office is automatically updated upon the pending sale and the closing making the information flow accurately at all times. This technology keeps the front office, customer service department, and back office up to date with current information on all sales and listing.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Our company is the broad listing broker for HUD in four counties.Each week Katy's department receives foreclosure properties and they have to be processed by entering the information into the Multiple List Service so that the Real Estate community can better serve their buyers and HUD. Getting this information through the Multiple Listing Service properties are sold faster and more efficiently. After the buyer decides on the purchase of a property the agent will help them bid for the property online making the whole foreclosure process much easier and faster from listing to sales contract. Any Real Estate agent can help the buyer in the purchase of a HUD foreclosure property.

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