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Ashley Maisano  Recruiting Manager

(800) 433-4003

In collaboration with the training department she is committed to excellence and success of each agent that joins the CENTURY 21 Mike Bowman, Inc. Company!

Ashley's Code:

The position of Recruiting Director for CENTURY 21 Mike Bowman, Inc. is one of the most important staff functions in our organization. The first contact our office has with prospective associates is through the efforts of the Recruiting Director. The Recruiting Director's responsibilities are:

A: Displaying the proper attitude and image of our company through proper dress and personal appearance.

B: The Recruiting Director shall be responsible for creating and maintaining an effective and on-going program designed for recruiting into the office quality agents that are interested in working by Ashley's code:

I will represent my company with pride and always reflect an image of professionalism.

I will always be courteous, competent, honest and caring in representing my company, buyers and sellers.

I will be responsive to training and always continue to further my education in my real estate profession.

I will be a team player for the good of my fellow associates and company.

I have the desire and will make the commitment to self motivation to succeed.

I will be willing to prospect daily and recognize the value of listings.

I will be willing to give as much as I receive from the company.

Ashley agrees that success for a salesperson in today's real estate market can be as elusive as the carrot at the end of a stick. Too many agents earn an income far less than their potential in an industry that provides infinite opportunity for unlimited earnings. Your success or failure will depend mainly on three things.

First, you must have a genuine concern for people and a sincere interest in helping them solve their problems.

Second, you must have a powerful desire to succeed. This does not come about by merely stating your intention to succeed.

Third, you must vigorously apply yourself to your work, using all the marketing tools and techniques available to you through our company.

Accomplish these three things and your reward can be beyond your most optimistic dreams, desire, commitment, and work. Success can be defined as the attainment of a worthwhile, preplanned goal. But simply having a goal is not enough. A successful real estate salesperson today must have a plan to follow and a support team in order to reach their goal. At CENTURY 21 Mike Bowman, Inc., we have the experience and tools for you to reach any goal.

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