Kimberly Pafford

Cell: 817.808.2815
Office: 800.433.4003
Fax: 817.354.4836
Kimberly’s Real Estate Team expertly serves:


    As a former financial / estate planner, insurance broker, and successful business owner, she has the negotiating know-how to ensure that you are getting the very best deal... whether you are buying or selling! She also has many years of professional knowledge and a vast pool of professional resources to assist you in every aspect of your transaction.

    As a Senior Advocate, Senior Care Coach, Senior Real Estate Advisor, past board member of Guardianship Services Inc, and daughter of a parent with Alzheimer's, she stays abreast of all the changes and legislation that affects our "silver" citizens. She loves all humans, but those over 60 years old are her very favorite to serve!

    As an LUTCF (in marketing), and with over 20 years spent working in the marketing area, she knows what it takes to get your home sold quickly!

    As a Professional Organizer, Professional Space Planner / Stager, Estate Sale Organizer, Property Manager, Master Gardener, and Master Naturalist, she knows just how to "present" your home inside and out so that you can show it in it's best possible light!

    As a woman who seeks to honor God in all that I do, you can always count on her integrity, straight-forwardness, diligence, and tireless work ethic!

    As a peace-seeker and true lover of all mankind, you may find comfort in my non-judgmental, deeply caring, and optimistic personality! You can count on her unwavering prayer and unceasing concern during your time together!

    Kimberly looks forward to being your forever REALTOR®, Advocate, and Friend!

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